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fresh beauty sugar lip treatment holiday gift idea


The Fresh Beauty team was so sweet to reach out recently and invite me to their Newbury Street location in Boston. I was able to get a preview of many of their holiday gift sets and the bundles that they’re offering this holiday season. I thought it would be so much fun to put together a list of my Fresh beauty holiday gift ideas for you guys. First of all, if you’re local to Boston and haven’t stopped into Fresh yet, you have to! The store looks so cute for the holiday season and the men and women who work there are so friendly and eager to help with product suggestions. You can test out all of the products at the large sink they have in the middle of the store. Also, you can even get a mini facial, which I got when I went in and it was so, so, relaxing! I highly recommend if you’re having a girls’ day around Boston or are out holiday shopping with your mom/other ladies in your life.

I’ve been a fan of Fresh for years, so imagine my surprise/embarrassment when I found out during this visit that the Fresh store on Newbury Street was the very FIRST Fresh store ever! How cool, right?! If you read about Fresh’s history it’s pretty amazing. It started back in 1991 in Boston as an apothecary with individually wrapped soaps for gifting. Founders Alina Roytberg and Lev Glazman always loved traveling, and recognized that different cultures have unique ingredients used in beauty rituals. As they traveled, they set out to discover these ingredients and incorporate them into their skincare products. Also, there was a deep belief held by both that skincare should be a sensory experience, and I truly think that Fresh has carried that with them today. They’re one of the few brands where I feel like that’s completely true. Luxurious ingredients, beautiful fragrances (without being overpowering or synthetic smelling), and truly just a wonderful experience using the products. If you’ve used them, you get what I mean!

My first “baby” was their Seaberry face oil; the first face oil I ever tried! It’s such a classic and is an amazing product. I was always scared to try a face oil for fear of making my face feel oily, but they’re a great way to get extra moisture in the winter months (just add a couple drops to your moisturizer for glowing skin the morning). A couple of others I’ve been a long time fan of are their Soy Face Cleanser and their Sugar Lip Treatment. My newest obsession? Their Sugar Lip Caramel Hydrating Balm. Heavenly and would make a great stocking stuffer!

In the biggest coincidence ever, the night I went in to peek around was the same night they were having a store party (open to the public). Who stopped in but co-founder Alina Roytberg herself. I truly had no idea she was scheduled to be in that night. I’ll admit I was incredibly nervous to speak with her and introduce myself, but as I was about to leave, she just happened to be standing next to me. I knew I had to introduce myself or I would regret it forever! She asked where I was from and we chatted about me living on the coast of Maine for most of my life, up until moving to Boston. She has fond memories of being in Camden, Maine (near my hometown)! We talked more about the coastline of California and how if you live near the ocean you are one lucky soul. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to chat with her, then you understand. She’s truly such a wonderful human being; so humble, warm, and so much fun to talk to. It was definitely a night to remember. Keep reading below for my Fresh Beauty holiday gift ideas!

fresh beauty holiday gift sets

fresh beauty holiday gift ideas; sugar lip caramel


Fresh has so many amazing holiday gift sets this year, so I thought it would be fun to show you guys a round up of what they’re offering this season, and what I purchased. There’s an option for every budget! Keep in mind that you could also take these sets apart and wrap up the individual items for stocking stuffers for different people on your list! I love the idea of using some of these gift sets for Yankee Swap presents or Secret Santa as well. Honestly, the options are endless!


sugar lip treatment fresh beauty holiday gift ideas


holiday gift idea for a beauty lover with fresh beauty

Sugar Lip Beauty Box

The Sugar Lip Beauty Box is one of my favorites that I picked up! I’ve been a huge fan of the Sugar Lip Treatments for years and swear by them, but I mostly stuck to the clear shade. I’ll be honest, I don’t wear lip colors a ton because as a whole, I find them super drying, especially in the winter months. These are so hydrating and the shades are so pretty. They give you just enough sheer color (that’s super hydrating and includes SPF 15) without being over the top. They’re a great option for any lady on your list, but especially for the pre-teen or teen in your life who’s begging to wear makeup but you’re not quite ready. Six lip shades come in the treatment, so you could also take apart the tin and wrap them individually to give to more people on your list, but the tin is so pretty. Other gift sets being carried that offer the Sugar Lip Treatments include the Sugar Lip Lovelies set, the Sugar Lip Celebrations set (a splurge), the Sugar Lip Suite Set, the Sugar Lip Blooming Beauties Collection, the Sugar Lip Prep ‘n’ Paint set, and of course, sold individually here.


fresh beauty christmas gift idea


Nourished Nude Lips

The Nourished Nude Lips set is a great affordable option as a stocking stuffer, a gift for a friend, or any woman on your list. I know girls in middle school and high school love giving gifts to their friends during the holidays. This is a great option because it’s super affordable, gives off just a bit of a nude shimmer, and can we talk about the packaging? So cute! Also comes in a pink option found here. I guarantee any girl or woman on your list would be happy to receive this. You can never have enough lip balms!


fresh beauty soy face cleanser

Skincare Cult Classics: Soy Face Cleanser With Sugar Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy

The soy face cleanser is one of my favorite cleansers ever! It’s extremely gentle, has a natural smelling fragrance (almost reminds me of cucumber), and does such a great job at gentle cleansing without getting rid of the skin’s natural oils. In short, it doesn’t strip the skin! This size cleanser is normally $15 alone (in the smaller size), so getting this plus the advanced treatment lip therapy is a great value. I know I said it once already, but the packaging! So, so cute this year. This set is budget friendly at just $19.50. Again, great for a stocking stuffer or as a gift to a friend (or even to yourself)!


bodycare besties fresh beauty holiday gift

bodycare besties fresh beauty

Bodycare Besties

The Bodycare Besties gift set has everything you need to feel luxurious. It’s the perfect gift for your mom, maybe a friend who just had a baby, or anyone in your life that you feel deserves a bit of pampering. All of these items have a citrus-y scent that I LOVE for morning because I feel like it wakes me up. There’s seriously nothing better than this Brown Sugar Body Polish. So, so good. I expected it to smell very strong similar to the “warm vanilla sugar” scent we all remember from childhood. However, it doesn’t smell like that whatsoever! It can be best described as a lemon-y citrus scent with a bit of brown sugar. It might sound like a strange combination, but the smells all balance each other out nicely and again, one of my favorite things about Fresh is that the scents don’t smell fake.


mask wardrobe fresh beauty holiday gift idea

mask wardrobe fresh beauty christmas gift ideas

Mask Wardrobe

Ahhh, maybe my favorite gift set I purchased (but it’s hard to say because they’re all amazing)! Anyone else face mask obsessed?! I do one about twice a week, and would probably do one every single day if I had the patience. The Mask Wardrobe gift set is a skincare addict’s dream. Unfortunately, it’s sold out everywhere right now, but I linked it for you guys incase it comes back in stock (praying because it’s SO good and a great value if you consider you’re getting four full size face masks).

This gift set contains four face masks: Sugar Face Polish, Rose Face Mask, Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask, and Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Face Mask (literally smells like orange citrus-y HEAVEN). Again, a great gift for a friend or woman in your life who deserves a little bit of pampering. You could also break these up and gift one to each of your friends (and maybe one to yourself)!


skincare solutions fresh beauty

skincare solutions fresh beauty holiday gift ideas

skincare solutions fresh beauty holiday gift ideas

Skincare Solutions

The Skincare Solutions gift set is another great gift set with a wonderful value for the products you’re getting. This contains the Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask, the Soy Face Cleanser, the Advanced Therapy Sugar Lip Treatment, and the Black Tea Firming Corset Cream. This set has most of the products you need for a great skincare routine. Of course, the firming corset cream is geared more towards aging skin or someone who may be trying to prevent aging skin, but I think this set could be mostly given to anyone. I can’t say enough great things about the Advanced Therapy Sugar Lip Treatment. Everything your lips need for a winter in New England (or wherever you’re located). I’m super picky about chapsticks and lip balms because so many that are out there contain ingredients that make your lips peel more (like…why). This one is everything!


There are a bunch more options that I didn’t purchase, so make sure to check out all of the gift sets below!


Decide on something that someone on your list HAS TO HAVE?! Have you tried these products? What are your thoughts?! Would love to chat about Fresh products in the comments! And of course, as always, if you have questions about the products, have holiday post suggestions, or any questions/suggestions in general, feel free to shoot me an email at

Note: I was provided with a gift card and these products were complimentary to me for reviewing purposes. As always, all opinions are my own!