Ohhh, Target. My happy place. Anyone else?! I think I’ve yet to meet a human who doesn’t like it. For me, Target tends to be one of those places I go when I’m bored which is always a dangerous idea. But seriously, what is it about Target that makes you magically find everything you don’t need?! I always get convinced to buy things solely on how cute the packaging is. Spoiler alert: It’s not going to be getting any easier anytime soon. Target’s newest home brand, Project 62 is everything! Continue reading to see what I’m loving at Target for Fall 2017.

Those who know me know that I went to the University of Maine, and while I loved going to college there… It’s kind of in the middle of nowhere. The University of Maine is in a tiny town called Orono which doesn’t have too much there besides a college. The closest city, Bangor, has a mall, a Target, and lots of restaurants, so it was the place to go on Friday afternoons after you got out of class to get a new outfit before the upcoming weekend. Anyways, I have so many memories of going to Target on Friday afternoons, and it was literally a one stop shop for me. I would get a coffee from Starbucks, get a personal pan pizza from the Pizza Hut in Target (is that gross?!), and also buy tons of things I didn’t need and probably couldn’t afford.

I recently went to Target because I needed a few things and noticed there were SO many great additions for fall. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted so much from Target before. Project 62 is one of the new brands that Target is carrying in their home section, and oh my gosh, I’m so impressed. Project 62 did a great job making everything look very high end, while also being pretty affordable. I just wish it existed when I was in college so that I could’ve made my dorm and my apartment look chic!

Project 62 is definitely more on the modern side of design which I love, but if that’s not your first choice for decor, the collection is pretty diverse. A few of my favorite items that instantly jumped out: I saw this basket in the store and haven’t stopped thinking about it. I love Target’s baskets because they’re perfect for throwing extra blankets and pillows in next to the couch without things looking sloppy. I’ve talked tons of times about how my apartment has very little closet space and storage. ┬áBaskets like these are a lifesaver. I also love this barware / bar cart set that would be so perfect in a gift basket if anyone has any housewarming parties coming up.





  1. “Okay, I need everything.”
  2. “Don’t go in the makeup section, don’t go in the makeup section. I’m in the makeup section.”
  3. “How about a book. I haven’t bought a book in a while.”
  4. “When I walk in, the plan is to completely ignore the $1 section. You’re going to keep walking. Don’t stop.” *Ends up in $1 section*
  5. “You know what I really need right now? A Venti.”
  6. “I don’t even need thank you cards, but maybe I’ll need some soon.” *Throws them in the cart*
  7. “So many Essie shades so little time.”
  8. “I’m judging myself but I still want a personal pan pizza.”
  9. “Just stick to what’s on the list.” *forgets list ever existed and goes down every aisle.*
  10. “Are there really only 3 checkout lanes open?!”
  11. “Please control your child.”
  12. “Why do the boxes of brownie mixes even look better here?”
  13. “Avoid the candle section at all costs.”
  14. “Wait I just spent how much?”
  15. “I never even got what was on my list.”


What are you crushing on at Target right now?!