why I'm happy about the things that didn't work out and you should be too

Long Sleeve Top (wearing a medium) // Long Duster Sweater (Calvin Klein at T.J. Maxx but similar here that I also have + love) || Jeans (sold out BDG from Urban Outfitters but similar here || Handbag || Booties (fit true to size) || Photography: Rachel Leiner Photography


Ohhh, life. It has a way of making us feel happy, excited, joyous, and yet sometimes, sad, defeated, and hopeless. I told you guys here that lately, I’ve been doing a ton of reflecting. I think part of it is me getting older and another is the fact that I have an hour commute each way to work so I do a lot of thinking! If you guys are anything like me then you know that sometimes that’s a good thing, and sometimes that’s a bad thing! Overthinking a situation is never good in my experience lol. Anyways, I’ve been thinking a lot about the things that don’t work out how we planned them to or the way we wanted them to.

So you might be thinking, things not working out how you wanted them to is a GOOD thing? Not to fear, I will explain. First I will start by saying that I’m not an overly religious person. I do have faith and go to church a couple times a year, however, I don’t consider myself religious. I do enjoy going to church and went as a child, however, it hasn’t become a habit in my adult life. One of my deep beliefs is that God (or whoever you believe in as a higher being) has much greater aspirations for us than we even think are possible. Sometimes we might think something is perfect for us, but God says… Nope. You can do better. I can do better for you. So whatever it is doesn’t work out. To us it comes across as a failure, disappointment, and can often bring deep sadness. When you start to accept things “not working out,” you can then start to realize that it’s not a complete failure. It’s life bringing something better into your life.


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