In the past couple months, I’ve tried a haircare line (spoiler alert: Virtue Labs) that’s TOO good to not share with you guys. And I have this gut feeling like it’s going to majorly blow up in the next year!

Virtue Labs: The Haircare Line That's About to Blow Up


When I first started my new job a few months ago, my coworker told me about Virtue Labs which is a new haircare line that uses human keratin (don’t freak out, I’ll explain if you keep reading)! Anyways, I can’t exactly remember, I think my coworker had a friend working in PR for them, but anyways, a few of my coworkers and I were able to receive samples of the products and try them. I loved the products immediately, but then flash forward a month or so when I was getting my hair done (from Amanda at Joi Salon) and we got to talking about Virtue Labs and their amazing hair products! Amanda talked about how they had gone to a conference and been introduced to the products. Also, Joi Salon is the only salon in Massachusetts (at least last I heard about a month ago) to use and sell Virtue Labs haircare products. It seemed like such a coincidence that both myself and the salon I go to had both been introduced to this haircare line, and keep in mind this company is only a year old! This is what makes me think it’s going to blow up like crazy in the next year! I also just want to preface this post by saying this is 100% not sponsored… I did not receive money to promote this brand, I just think it’s amazing, their story absolutely fascinating, and I want you guys to know about it!


drybar, wrap party, alli webb of drybar, blonde waves,

drybar, wrap party, alli webb of drybar, blonde waves,



This past Saturday I had the pleasure of meeting Alli Webb (the founder of Drybar) and learned all about her latest hair tool – “Wrap Party.” For those who may not be familiar, Drybar is a one stop shop for all things blowouts. At this point, there are over eighty locations throughout the United States, and many locations in Boston. In today’s busy world, “blowout bars” have really taken off, but I feel like we owe a ton of credit to Drybar, because they were one of the very first to notice the want and need that so many women have for getting a blowout… Because sometimes you have a special occasion and just don’t feel like doing your own hair 🙂 . No shame there.

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