Ouai rose hair + body oil

Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil


I’m all about products that can make my life easier, especially when it comes to my Summer beauty routine. Any product that I can use in multiple ways to either pack less for a trip or to have more room in my cabinets gets an A+ in my book. One of my favorite additions to my beauty routine? The Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil. Similar to the original Ouai Hair Oil, but a little bit more rich. You can’t go wrong with either, however, I love the new formula because of its many uses. Continue reading for my five uses for the hair and body oil.



spring makeup, spring makeup bag

  One of my favorite parts of spring is of course the warming temperatures, seeing beautiful flowers in bloom, wearing lighter layers, and ALSO, the chance to clean out my makeup bag. I’ve shared this before, but I tend to keep things much more low maintenance in the spring and summer. I let my hair […]

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VII Code under eye anti-aging treatment

As silly as it sounds, I swear I woke up one day, at age 25, with fine lines under my eyes. It terrified me, like to the point where I thought I was sick or something was wrong with me. I asked myself if I was dehydrated. I over-analyzed a bunch of scenarios in my head […]

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My essentials for making it to the gym

When it comes to making it to the gym consistently, planning and preparation are key. I love to do everything the night before, whether it’s making a lunch for work or packing my gym bag. Otherwise, in my experience, it doesn’t happen, or I spend the next morning stressed out at 6 AM. Trust me […]

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