Brunch on Sunday Blog

Hi there! I’m Mackenzie; I’m a brunch loving, English and French-bulldog puppy-obsessed, special education teacher, turned blogger. I currently live in Boston, Massachusetts, but am originally from the coast of Maine.

I created Brunch on Sunday in March of 2016 as a creative outlet for myself. After graduating college and making my way into corporate America (okay working in public schools isn’t exactly corporate America, but you get it), I longed to create and to work towards something that was mine, and mine only. Through this creative process, I’ve found that there’s something incredibly liberating about being your own boss and answering to yourself.

Brunch on Sunday is a place where I share style, hair tips, travels, funny stories, and #lifehacks. I strive to bring a genuine, playful, adventurous, and open-minded perspective to my life, as well as Brunch on Sunday. Through my writing and photography, I strive to bring laughter, fun, and a sense of humor to a creative industry that is sometimes seen as unapproachable and serious.

SO… Where did the name “Brunch on Sunday” come from?

You know the feeling after a fun borderline crazy Saturday night with the girls when you wake up on Sunday morning (or afternoon… no judgment here) and decide to meet up for brunch AKA – a time to share your hilarious stories from the night before over a cocktail and delicious breakfast at 1PM… Those mornings and afternoons have become some of my most cherished memories throughout college and life post-college. Sharing belly laughs with my favorite girls over a delicious meal – Just a couple of my favorite things in this world!

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