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If you guys follow along on Instagram, then you probably saw I went to a Galentine’s Day brunch that my friend Jenna of Boston Chic Party hosted over the weekend. I can’t take credit for any of the cute decorations or the food, but it was such a fun time, and too cute to not share! Whether you are single this Valentine’s Day, just started dating someone, have been in a relationship for a while, or are married, I think it’s important to remember to love yourself first, always. I remember being younger… like college days, and letting this holiday make me a little bit upset, even though every other day I was perfectly happy being single. Don’t let one day convince you to be unhappy if you’re perfectly content every other day of the year!

I think a lot of people focus on Valentine’s Day being a “romantic” type holiday, but it doesn’t have to be! I’m a full believer that you can show all kinds of different love on this holiday – whether it’s to friends, family, siblings, etc. Growing up, my mom always made little treats for my siblings and I and would always mail us a care package when we were in college. So if you’re single, or even if you’re in a relationship, why not throw an epic Galentine’s Day party for your girlfriends?! Remember, it doesn’t have to be on the actual holiday! You can plan something over the weekend and have just as much fun.

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  • Potluck Dinner; Have everyone bring one of their favorite dishes to make and dig in! You could have it be Italian food, Mexican food, or anything goes!
  • Brunch; This is what we did at Jenna’s and it was delicious! Opt for dishes that you can bake in the oven just before your gathering and then keep them warm in the oven until you eat. This way you can mingle with your guests won’t have to be slaving away over the stove the entire time.
  • Wine Tasting; Have every guest bring their favorite bottle of wine to share. You can spend the night trying different wines, and who knows, you might end up with a new favorite!
  • A Bake-off; Have everyone bring a sweet treat. If you want to get competitive, you can have everyone vote for their favorite (of course then you need to hide what you’re bringing!)
  • Netflix Marathon; Have a favorite Netflix show that you CAN’T stop binging?! You’re not alone! Have snacks and binge one of your favorite Netflix shows with your girlfriends!
  • Movie Marathon + Sleepover; Know all those cheesy yet romantic movies you don’t to watch very often? Think The Notebook, Titanic, Sweet Home Alabama,etc. Have a movie marathon and sleepover with your best gals!
  • Galentine’s Day Swap; Like a Yankee Swap (the fun game traditionally played at Christmas but for your Valentine’s Day party). Decide on a price limit and then have every guest bring a little gift. There are some great gift ideas here


galentine's day brunch



No matter the theme of your party, I think it’s always fun to have a signature cocktail or a little bit of bubbly! A signature cocktail does NOT have to be hard. One of my favorite drinks is a Peach Bellini (this is the best bellini mixer I’ve found yet… it’s a bit pricy but SO good)! All you do is mix the bellini mixer with Prosecco! Soo tasty. Below I’m linking some cocktail recipes that I think would be perfect for Galentine’s Day:

Cocktail Ideas:

For food, I recommend keeping things simple so that you’re able to mingle with your guests. Don’t feel bad about asking friends to pitch in and bring an appetizer or a small dish. Also, little touches make all the difference. You don’t have to do anything too crazy. What’s most important is the company! Red, white, and pink decor, and having heart shaped foods are little things you can do to get people in the spirit! I also loved how Jenna put chocolates on the table and incorporated them into the decor!

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From left to right: Me, Biana of B Loved Boston, Emily of Shell Chic’d, Jenna of Boston Chic Party, Danielle of A Sequined Life, Natalie of Wear You Are Now, and Linda of Trendy on a Budget





The decor is totally up to you, but I think it’s so much fun to stick with a pink, white, and/or red theme to keep things festive. One of my favorite things Jenna had was the heart garland on the wall. Such a great photo op and it looked so cute! I think she made it herself but don’t quote me on that! Having fresh flowers around the space also keeps things in the spirit of Galentine’s Day / Valentine’s Day and adds a nice touch.

We didn’t play any games, but I played What Do You Meme with my friends recently and holy, that game is hilarious you guys! I don’t recommend playing with family or anyone you might potentially feel uncomfortable around for saying a dirty word, but it’s so much fun! What Do You Meme would be perfect for a Galentine’s Day or a girls’ night in! Also, while not a game, I highly recommend getting a letter board that you can write cute and/or funny sayings on. Jenna’s letter board that she wrote “Love My Gals a Brunch” was a huge hit and a great photo op! You can find letter boards here and here.




Do you guys celebrate Galentine’s Day? What do you do to make it unique with your girlfriends?! Let me know in the comments! xo