winter closet additions


Hi guys! Hope you had a great weekend. I went to Southern Maine on Saturday for a college friend’s housewarming/engagement party and it was so much fun. It was the first time our entire friend group had been together since our other friend’s wedding a couple summers ago. As you get older it seems so difficult to get the whole crew together! Anyways, it was a great time catching up over drinks and What Do You Meme. Have you guys played? So hilarious. We were seriously cracking up all night. Just don’t play with your parents, grandparents, or anyone you wouldn’t want to say dirty words in front of haha.

Geoff and I decided to spend the weekend in Portland and get a hotel so that was so much fun. I always have in my head that I’m going to take so many outfit photos and get so much blog content whenever I visit a place I haven’t been in a while. Honestly though, it was so insanely cold that I had zero interest (think negative degree temperatures). I didn’t even open my DSLR camera that I brought, but it was actually a much needed break. I put a lot of pressure on myself (like to the point of tears) to constantly be creating blog content over the weekend because I no longer have time to do so during the week with my new full time job. I’m slowly learning that I need to chill out and just enjoy the moments with my loved ones and friends and need to not always be thinking about my next chance to take photos for the blog. Any other bloggers that read here that struggle with this? Sooo since negative temperatures meant there was no way outfit photos were happening this week, I thought it might be fun to share some clothing items I’ve purchased lately, been gifted for Christmas/birthday, etc. Keep reading for my winter closet additions + what I think is worth it or not worth it!




winter closet additions

winter closet additions


This henley top has been getting a lot of attention on Instagram lately from various bloggers, but is it worth it? I’m a bit torn! If you weren’t aware, I do a Friday series called “Honest Review Friday” on my blog’s Facebook page. This henley top was this past Friday’s item for Honest Review Friday. You can read there for a more detailed account of why I’m torn on this item, but to sum it up I’ll list a few reasons here. First of all, this top is very thin. Even with a nude colored bra, you could see my bra through this top. It would be best to wear a tank top underneath unless you have a nude colored bra that is super smooth for wearing underneath t-shirts and very form fitting tops. It also has very long sleeves (you can see the bunching in the photos) and I have what I think are very long arms! I do like that there are a lot of buttons so you can decide if you want the item to be more low cut or if you’d like to cover up more. This is a great top for lounging in at home on the weekends or wearing to bed. I’ve seriously worn it 3 days straight. However, if you’re looking for a long sleeve top to wear out, this might not be it! For sizing reference, I’m a size 6 and am wearing the medium. You can find the henley top here.


winter closet additions



This coat is everything and is seriously something I’m obsessed with. For someone who lives in New England, I had horrible coats in my closet in the past. I had mostly pea coats which as you guys may or may not know, aren’t very warm and are much better as fall coats or when it’s not completely freezing out. I finally got sick of freezing my booty off everywhere I went and decided I needed a real coat this winter. Geoff got me this coat for my birthday and I’m obsessed. Didn’t he do well? It’s so warm! Fortunately it’s on major sale right now. It’s filled with down feathers which makes it super warm, has double pockets (so you essentially get two pockets on each side), zips up and also has button closure over the zipper to keep you nice and toasty, and the hood is detachable. I love how huge the hood is because it fits all of my hair (I have a lot of hair haha), fits completely over my head, and actually covers my forehead. If you’re in between sizes, I would size up. For example, I’m a size 6 and am frequently between a size small or medium, depending on the brand. I got a medium in this coat and it fits perfectly. You can purchase it here on sale and it’s also available in additional colors here (on sale), here (on sale), and here (on sale). I would 100% recommend this coat to anyone, and the fact that it’s keeping me warm in Boston right now (negative temperatures) says it all! If you have questions about sizing feel free to DM me on Instagram or send me an email at


winter closet additions


BUTTON CUFF OFF THE SHOULDER SWEATER (sold out but similar here on sale)

Another winter closet addition? This black off the shoulder sweater. I asked for this black off the shoulder sweater from Loft (unfortunately sold out) for Christmas and I’m a little bit torn on how I feel about it. I love the look of it, however, the sleeves won’t stay down and stay off the shoulder. I feel like I’m constantly having to yank it down to try to keep it off the shoulder. Kind of annoying! I did find this extremely similar sweater here that’s 40% off right now and comes in a bunch of different colors. I love wearing an off the shoulder sweater on the weekend as a romantic date night top or around the house.


winter closet additions

winter closet additions



I recently worked with DSW on an Instagram campaign (you can see it here) and I had to pick out a pair of shoes on their website for the campaign. I had been hearing such amazing things about these over the knee boots, and sure enough, they didn’t disappoint. I have a pair of flat, black over the knee boots, however, they would never stay up and it drove me crazy constantly pulling them up. These over the knee boots stay up so there’s no yanking necessary. They run true to size, are faux suede and are super flattering on the legs! The best part? They’re under $100! You can purchase here.


winter closet additions



This rainbow chip sweater (I like to call it my Funfetti sweater) is another sweater I got for Christmas that I’m loving lately! The fit is a bit wide so just keep that in mind, but I love the cowl neck and how warm it is. If you’re always cold in the office like I am, it’s perfect for work. It’s machine washable which makes me happy because it doesn’t look like it would be. I’m a size 6 and am wearing the size small.





Geoff got me this L.L. Bean Fleece Pullover for my birthday and I’m obsessed! I’m not normally a pullover kind of girl… I typically either wear sweatshirts or sweaters, however, I love this! If you’re a New England girl, this is an absolute must for winter. It keeps you insanely warm and it doesn’t get any better than L.L. Bean’s quality. If you’re not familiar with the brand, everything is Maine made which obviously being from Maine, I’m a huge fan of. They’re known for having amazing quality and everything has a lifetime warranty. You can take anything back if it gets a rip, hole, etc. and they will take it back practically no questions asked. In the days of fast fashion, I think it’s important to still support companies who stand for quality and are ethical. As a Maine girl, I try to support and purchase from L.L. Bean whenever I can! For sizing reference, I’m a size 6 and I have the medium and it fits perfectly. You can find the fleece pullover here.


Here I go with another item from L.L. Bean, but for good reason. Again, going back to what I said about the coat where I was sick of freezing… Winter boots are another item i’ve been desperately needing FOR YEARS. I seriously haven’t owned a pair of winter boots other than Ugg boots that are insanely old since I was a child. I was sick of my feet always being cold, sick of water leaking through my old boots, and overall just sick of feeling like my closet wasn’t prepared for winter. Geoff got me these boots for my birthday and it was such a nice surprise. These will keep your feet toasty warm, don’t leak, and are the best winter boots out there (no joke). They run a bit large so I would recommend sizing down 1 size. You can find the boots here (I have the tan/brown color, but I also love the tan/navy.



Sharing more winter closet additions! I purchased these jeans during Nordstrom’s sale and luckily they’re still on sale (woo woo)! These are more of a “jegging” than a classic pair of jeans as they’re extremely stretchy. Normally I like regular jeans better, but it’s been so cold and such horrible weather that I’ve found myself trying to dress as comfortable as possible. Since these jeans are cropped, they look great with booties and they’re also perfect for wearing with over the knee boots because these jeans don’t bunch up. I got my normal size (28), but these are so stretchy that I kind of wish I had sized down one size!


Do you guys have any winter closet additions that are a MUST? I would love to know!! Share with me in the comments 🙂 .