faux fur jacket for a winter outfit in Boston

faux fur jacket for a winter outfit in Boston

Hiiiii everyone! It has been SO long since I’ve written anything on the blog, and I never want to go this long again! During the holidays I had so much creativity flowing. I literally didn’t have enough time to create all the posts I had ideas for because there were so many. Then Christmas and New Year’s came and went and I was left feeling completely uninspired (and tired). I feel like getting back in the swing of things after the holidays is always a challenge. Anyone else? Also, still trying to navigate my new life that is working a lot more hours than I used to work for my teaching job (which means a lot less time to work on the blog). I’m not one to make excuses so I will always find time to make this work. It just takes a bit more planning on my part!

I recently shot with Rachel Leiner of Rachel Leiner Photography and oh my gosh, I was SO happy with how these photos came out. What you would never know until you meet Rachel is that she’s a college student so this is her side gig. Like seriously, wouldn’t you think by looking at her work that she’s been doing this for decades?! She’s so talented, and I highly recommend her if you’re located near Boston and need photography. Keep reading to see my tips and tricks for rocking a faux fur jacket.

faux fur jacket in Boston

faux fur jacket + winter outfit in Boston Public Garden

statement belt and faux fur jacket

faux fur jacket in Boston Public Garden

faux fur jacket in Boston Public Garden

 Long Sleeve Top || Faux Fur Jacket (currently 50% off) || Jeans ||
Boots (run true to size + currently on sale)|| Belt (similar here) || Handbag ||
Photography: Rachel Leiner Photography




Okay so on to the outfit! A faux fur jacket. I feel like everyone is 50/50 about whether they like faux fur jackets or not. For me, I’m totally into them because winter is cold, long, and I get really sick of wearing my same winter coat for four months. There’s also tons of different styles of faux fur coats. I tend to like the teddy bear coats (see here to see what I mean) over the ones that are more of a shaggy coat. This faux fur coat is a great starting point in the trend because it’s trendy, while also not being so over the top that your friends aren’t going to want to be seen with you. I was immediately drawn to this one because the color is so amazing and it was on sale (it’s currently still 50% off here so act quick)!

Now, on to how I would style this faux fur jacket. If you’re a reader over the age of 35, you’re probably wondering… What the heck does ‘extra’ mean? Extra is a term mostly used by millennials (lol) that describes someone who’s doing a little too much. Everything’s a bit over the top, dramatic, and just way too much. Now that we’ve covered that, how do you wear and style a faux fur jacket without looking too over the top? Here are some of my tips below:


  1. Since the faux fur jacket is the star here, limit anything too low cut on top
  2. Avoid pairing with super short skirts and dresses
  3. Stick with neutrals underneath
  4. Pair with slip on sneakers (my new favs I got for Christmas) if you want the outfit to look more casual
  5. Keep it light on the accessories (for instance, really over the top earrings)



Are you guys into the faux fur jacket trend? Let me know in a comment or come visit me over on Instagram!