what I bought from the sephora sale

I’m a self-proclaimed Sephora addict, so when I get a message to my email offering 20% off for the VIB Rouge sale, you can bet I’m taking advantage. I will admit that I used to spend hundreds on hundreds of dollars at Sephora in the past. These days, I’m a bit more conscious of my spending habits and use a mix of drugstore and higher end beauty products. I really try to only purchase things that are on sale (doesn’t always happen), but the 20% off sales are always a great time to stock up on Sephora products, especially because they don’t happen that frequently. I thought I would do a round up of the products I purchased and share a little bit about each one with you.

Also, FYI, Sephora has one of the BEST return policies of any store. You can return any products you don’t like even if you don’t have the receipt. You can’t beat a return policy like that! Keep reading to see the products I purchased from the Sephora sale!


November 10-15


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What I Bought From Sephora's November Sale


CONTAINS: Confidence in a Cream, Bye Bye Under Eye, Bye Bye Makeup, Superhero Mascara

A couple months ago, I tried It Cosmetics’ Confidence in a Cream moisturizer and fell in love. Not only is it perfect for day or night, but I felt like my skin drank it up so quickly and it had the perfect amount of moisture that my skin needed. If you have oily skin, this moisturizer may be too much for your skin for daytime, but I love it for my nightly routine and sometimes use it during the day depending on how dry or oily my skin is. My skin is combination which means I have some areas that are on the normal-dry side and other areas like my t-zone that are a bit more oily.

I was planning on buying this moisturizer once the Sephora sale went live, but after hunting around on the website for products, I noticed that this moisturizer was being offered in a set with three other products for the exact same price as the moisturizer alone. Obviously it’s a no-brainer to go with the set that gives you three free products rather than buying the moisturizer by itself.

You guys know I’m brutally honest about everything, so my verdict on the other products… LOVE them all. The Bye Bye Under Eye cream is very thick which makes me feel like it’s doing its job more than an eye cream that’s on the lighter side. Anyone else feel like that? The Bye Bye Makeup balm is incredible, and I will most likely repurchase in the large size once this is gone. I don’t like using makeup removing wipes this time of year because they’re too harsh on my skin. You put this balm on dry skin over your makeup when taking your makeup off at night. Then, add water and all of your makeup will be gone. I swear it’s magic. You could get away with using only this as your cleanser because it literally gets everything off, but I’m a little OCD so I still use a cleanser after.

The mascara is legit and after I posted about it on Instagram stories, a bunch of you also messaged me saying how much you love it. It makes your lashes super long and voluminous and doesn’t flake. No complaints here! You can purchase the entire It Cosmetics set here.




I’ve used this Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer for years and love it for it’s satin-y finish and how great it looks on the skin. It’s the perfect consistency and isn’t too light or too heavy. I use it under my eyes in an upside down triangle, a little bit on the center of my forehead, a very thin and light amount down the bridge of my nose, and a little bit on the center of my chin. The shades are beautiful and have just the right amount of pigment.

As far as shades, I have quite fair skin so I have used the Chantilly and Vanilla shades with success. I like a very bright, light colored under eye (you may not) so this time around, I chose to get the Chantilly shade. It’s the fairest option they sell in this concealer, so unless you have fair skin like me, you won’t be happy with this shade. However, the line has a great range of shades, so you should be able to find one that would look great on your skin. Note: since I got such a light shade, I only use it for under my eyes and the areas I mentioned before. I don’t use it to cover up any blemishes because the color I purchased is too light in color for that.


This mask is one of my favorite skincare products to talk about because it’s LIFE CHANGING. If you ever feel like your skin has been freaking out for a few straight days, that you just can’t get your skin in check, or can’t get rid of excessive oil production on your skin, this should be your go-to. I don’t even know how they do it, but it’s so amazing. I’ve purchased other mud masks that don’t compare in the slightest to this mask. There’s just something about it. Also, confessions… My boyfriend also sneaks this mask and is obsessed with it.

The first time I used this mask was insane because you can literally see the oil on your face bubbling up… Crazy, right?! You leave it on for 10 minutes or so, rinse, and your skin looks so great the next day. Sometimes after rinsing this off, my skin will be red in the areas that I put the mask, so I feel like the next day is when you truly see the results from this face mask. Although this mask is expensive, they recently started offering it in the mini size which is a pretty good deal if you don’t want to splurge on the full size.

 What I Bought From Sephora's November Sale, Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Universal Peel


I had been reading about these for months and months and had been seeing them on celebrity skin guru, Shani Darden’s Instagram almost daily. If you buy anything from this post, it has to be these. They are soooo good you guys. I always feel like traditional exfoliating doesn’t really do the job for me. This gives your skin a smoothness that I’m not sure I had ever felt till I used these. I think when people think of peel, they think of harsh chemicals peeling a layer off your skin. Not the case, especially for these. You can use these daily if desired.

These come in little packets and are a two step system. First, you use the pad that says “Step 1,” then you wait two minutes and follow with the pad that says “Step 2.” Doesn’t get much easier than that. No mess, nothing to clean up, and since they’re individually wrapped, super easy to travel with. I have to say that these are 100% worth the hype.

As a bit of a coincidence, a few days after I ordered these, I received the Extra Strength Formula in the mail from Dr. Dennis Gross’s team. I’m still learning the difference between the two, but I will say that I consider my skin to be quite sensitive, and the Extra Strength Formula was gentle enough for me to use. If you’ve never done a peel before you may want to start with the Universal Daily Peel.

So what exactly do these do? Basically, they make your skin smoother, make your pores appear smaller, are great for uneven texture, and fine lines and wrinkles among so many other things. After using these, I feel like my skin looks clearer the next day, my makeup goes on smoother, my other skincare products sink in deeper, and overall, my skin looks so much better. These are my new obsession and I will be telling everyone about them. So, so worth it.

 What I Bought From Sephora's November Sale


I’ve been wanting to purchase this for SO long, but I wasn’t sure it was worth the hype. I first saw this skin mist on Kim Kardashian’s Snapchat months back and knew that if Kim was posting about it, it had to be good. Love her or hate her, I think we can all agree that she has amazing skin.

My biggest reason for not purchasing this till now? I’ll be honest, I was a bit skeptical. I honestly thought this was just water that you spray on your skin. Not true. This skin mist contains a red algae complex that improves hydration and the skin’s ability to retain moisture, squalane  to nourish and moisturize, silk extract to help the skin retain moisture, and Tatcha’s “Signature Hadasei-3” which is a trio of anti-aging Japanese superfoods from green tea, rice, and algae. Clearly there’s more in it than just water. To me, it feels a lot like a light skin oil. It’s perfect for making your skin look dewy/setting your makeup.

My second reason for not purchasing this till now? The price. It felt really hard to justify spending almost $50 on a skin mist. The good news? This product is now available in a smaller mini size that’s only $20. I considered that a pretty good deal, especially because I didn’t want to commit to the larger product in case I didn’t like this. The bottle of this is so cute and has a “luxe feel” to it. I couldn’t help but thinking that it would be the perfect stocking stuffer for yourself or someone else!

What I Bought From Sephora's November Sale, Caudalie skincare products



Instant Detox Mask, Reservratrol Lift Eye Lifting Balm, Instant Foaming Cleanser, Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet 

I’ve been a huge fan of Caudalíe’s products for years now for a couple simple reasons, their products WORK and you notice results fairly quickly. I didn’t buy this set, I chose it as a 500 point perk because I hadn’t used my points for a while. Anytime I can score high end products like these for free, I’m choosing them. While I haven’t tried these products yet (there’s only so many hours in the day to try all of the products lol) Caudalíe’s products are consistently of high quality and work. I’ll make sure to let you guys know which product I like best! Since you can’t technically buy a 500 point perk, you can find most of the products in sets here, here, + here.




Do you have a favorite product that you buy over and over again from Sephora?! Share the love in the comments. I would love to know about it 🙂