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This past Saturday I had the pleasure of meeting Alli Webb (the founder of Drybar) and learned all about her latest hair tool – “Wrap Party.” For those who may not be familiar, Drybar is a one stop shop for all things blowouts. At this point, there are over eighty locations throughout the United States, and many locations in Boston. In today’s busy world, “blowout bars” have really taken off, but I feel like we owe a ton of credit to Drybar, because they were one of the very first to notice the want and need that so many women have for getting a blowout… Because sometimes you have a special occasion and just don’t feel like doing your own hair 🙂 . No shame there.


drybar, wrap party drybar, wrap party, alli webb

drybar, alli webb drybar, wrap party,


So what’s Wrap Party? Wrap Party is a curling wand that’s different from most curling wands, because the largest end of the barrel is towards the end of the curling iron (reverse-tapered). Most hair wands are the exact opposite. So how does it affect how your hair looks compared to the average hair wand? Wrap Party is ideal for beachy, casual waves, and  the reverse-taper helps you get big waves the whole way down your hair. The temperature goes all the way up to 450 degrees which makes it great for all hair textures. As far as the design, the handle is easy to hold and won’t slip out of your hands. It also has automatic shut off after one hour so that you don’t have to worry about burning your house down… always a plus if you’re someone who constantly forgets if you turned your hot tools off or not! 😉


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Alli was so incredibly down to earth and not only did a demo of her new hair tool, the Wrap Party, but also shared a bunch of hair tips and a lot of info on how she came up with some of products and tools in her line. Since hair wands have taken off in the past few years, Alli said that one of the reasons Wrap Party even happened was because of the constant demand for a hair wand from the stylists at her Drybar salons. Keep reading below to see some of the hair tips I picked up from Alli!



  1. Use just a couple spritzes of Detox Dry Shampoo at your crown to absorb excess oils before curling hair (seriously one of the best dry shampoos).
  2. Keep your hair wand vertical for the “cool girl” beach waves.
  3. Keep your hair wand horizontal for more glamorous, defined curls.
  4. Wrap hair away from your face
  5. Don’t curl all the way to the bottom of your ends. Leave an inch or so out so that your hair looks more lived in and less perfect.
  6. Spray a couple spritzes of Detox Dry Shampoo + use a velcro roller on the crown of your head to preserve your blowout, give volume, and make hair less oily (I have Drybar’s velcro rollers and swear by them for events like weddings because they give your hair mega volume).
  7. Make sure to curl small sections of hair, otherwise your curls will fall out fast (I’m so guilty of being impatient and doing large sections, but this reminded me to take my time).
  8.  Section your hair using clips for the best result (no creases like when you use a hair elastic).


blonde hair goals via Mackenzie Murphy @mackenzienoelm of brunchonsunday.com



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I hope you guys have a great week. Have you been to Drybar before?! Have any hair questions or ideas for posts that you’d love me to cover? Comment below, send me an email at contact@brunchonsunday.com, or send me a message/comment on my Instagram.