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I can truly say that I’m getting excited for fall and feel like I’ve accepted that Summer has come to an end. It takes a while to fully accept it, am I right?! For me, Fall has always meant new beginnings, partly because I’ve always been a teacher, but I think it’s true. It always feels like a chance to start over. And if you’re feeling bummed about Summer coming to a close, just remember, it doesn’t mean you have to stop doing adventurous, fun things!

I have so many great memories of being a child and preparing for school to start back up. It meant getting a new wardrobe and new school supplies. Anyone else remember arguing with your mom in Limited Too about why you really NEEDED a $40 bedazzled t-shirt? It’s funny to look back on (we were all crazy). And was anyone else SO excited to get new school supplies?! I would practically start begging to go to Staples or WalMart in July. Call me crazy, but I always looked forward to it.

As an adult, I still try to take the time to purchase at least a few new items to add to my closet for the coming year. For me, it makes me more excited for the coming season. While there’s absolutely no need to completely overhaul your entire wardrobe, if you’re looking to do so, or are looking to buy quite a few items for Fall, I’ve rounded up twelve wardrobe staples you need for fall.



Jeans are probably one of my least favorite things to shop for, but a good pair is worth hunting for. They’re absolutely one of the wardrobe staples you need for fall. So what do I look for in a pair of jeans? Number one, they have to make my butt look good. Number two, they have to stay tight around the waist, and thirdly, I have to like the wash. Normally, I tend to go back to much darker jeans for fall and lighter in the spring, but medium wash jeans are definitely having a moment, especially if they’re Levi’s. Levi’s jeans were always a staple in my closet growing up. This pair of jeans is the perfect wash (in my opinion) that’s on trend right now. While I love a good pair of distressed jeans, I don’t always feel comfortable wearing them to work on Fridays or to a nicer dinner. This pair checks all my boxes. Revolve and Shopbop both have a really great selection of Levi’s denim in many different styles and washes.



Oversized cardigans are my favorite thing to wear in fall and winter. I wear them to work constantly, oh and also on the weekend, and every other situation where you could possibly wear a sweater. Since I used to work in a middle school, I always wanted something to cover my bum at all times (lol). I like them on the larger side because they feel so much cozier, and in my eyes, the longer the better. I also look for one that’s neutral in color so that it’s more versatile and fits in with the rest of my wardrobe. I usually opt for grey or black. In early fall, they’re a great substitution for a statement coat before it gets cool out. One of my favorites from last year is this long cardigan that I’m currently wearing as I type this post. There’s a very similar option here. If you like a pop of color, this one is the perfect fall color.



For some reason, I’ve been really bad lately about having dressier tops in my closet, but they are the perfect go-to for work or a date night. I picked out this top to feature as a fall essential because it’s the perfect color for fall and winter, it’s dressy enough to wear to work without baring too much skin, and it would look great with a dark pair of jeans and booties for a date night. The lace and tie detailing make it feminine, but you could also balance it out with a pair of faux leather leggings and over the knee boots. Do you guys have recommendations for where to buy “dressy tops?” They’re always a constant need in my wardrobe!



If you buy only one thing this fall, I would say make it a great pair of booties. I know I keep saying versatile, but these really are, and that’s the whole point of this! They’re definitely one of the wardrobe staples you need for fall. I only chose items for this fall shopping guide that can be worn multiple ways, for various occasions, whether dressy or casual. Block heels are having a moment and will definitely be around for a while.

When looking for a great pair of booties I look for a sturdy heel (I prefer not to do stiletto booties because in Boston, you never know when you’ll find yourself walking on cobblestone streets), a neutral color, and a pair that is tighter around the ankle. I don’t mean so tight that it’s cutting off the circulation of your ankle (lol), but one that doesn’t have a huge gap between your ankle / lower shin and the bootie. When they are tighter to the ankle, they look so much better with dresses and skirts, in my opinion. This pair could definitely be worn with jeans, dresses, and skirts for all fall and part of winter. If you’re more of a leather type of gal, this pair is very similar but is leather instead of suede.



Everyone must have an everyday sweater in their closet that’s their trusty go-to. I constantly have days where I don’t feel like being creative and putting together an interesting outfit. It’s important to have those items in your closet that can be thrown on without even thinking, and you know they’ll look good. This sweater is one of my favorites this season and comes in multiple colors. It would look great with a pair of jeans, the skirt from above, or a pair of dress pants. The sleeves are cute without being over the top, and you could wear it to work, on the weekend, to date night, or church. The best part? It’s currently 40% off so act quick!



I feel like I have two categories of dresses in my closet- sundresses/dresses for the beach, and dresses I can wear to weddings. I definitely am in need of going casual dress shopping. It’s important to have a dress that falls in between so that you have something that can be dressed up or dressed down for your daily life, as needed. This dress comes in some fabulous colors and would look great with a pair of booties, over the knee boots, flats, etc. You could put a long cardigan over it for a more casual look, or a faux leather jacket over the top of it for an edgier look. My favorite part of this dress is that the length is a bit longer than so many other dresses. The ruching on the side makes it perfectly flattering. At first I thought I should have picked out a long sleeve dress, but I’m actually glad this is sleeveless because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into a restaurant in the fall/winter and it’s absolutely sweltering. At least you can add a sweater over the top with this if you needed it! You can’t cut the long sleeves off a dress when you’re sweating.



Again, similar to the dress, it’s important to have a skirt in your closet (that’s not a mini skirt) and can be worn in a more professional way. This skirt would be the perfect addition to a work wardrobe and would also look great with edgier accessories for the weekend. Vince is known for having great quality, and considering all the ways this could be worn this fall and winter, the price actually isn’t too bad. If you’re not a fan of the color, it also comes in black.



I know it doesn’t seem like they’re important, but over the knee boots have become popular in the past three years and are showing no signs of losing their appeal. I own this pair and have worn them for the past two years (they even made an appearance in my very first blog post lol). This pair has certainly held up and are currently on MAJOR sale in multiple colors. I most recently featured them in a post here. A great pair of over the knee boots looks great with a pair of skinny jeans, with a dress, or with a skirt for fall and winter.



An everyday bag is one of those items that’s a must in every closet. You can use it going to work, use it for fitting a lot in your bag as a purse on a flight, and so many other ways. This bag comes in the most perfect neutrals, and I love the detailing of the braided handle. It’s not too big, but also not too small.



A fall wardrobe must! I’ve been looking forward to fall almost solely for the reason that I get to break out my leather jacket again. Anyone else feel like an instant badass?! I’ve had mine for a few years and it’s originally from Zara for under $100 (unfortunately not in stock anymore), however this option is very similar and is still affordable. If a leather jacket is too edgy for you, or isn’t your thing, a moto jacket is a great substitution. I’ve had my eye on this jacket for a while now.



I think we’ve all obsessed over the highly coveted Gucci leather mules at one point or another, but unfortunately, if you’re anything like me, they won’t be making an appearance in my closet anytime soon. These slides are under $23 (GASP), and are so similar looking to the Gucci slides. Of course, the less expensive option isn’t real leather, but I’ll still take this cheaper option any day. They would look great with jeans or dress pants. I definitely recommend going a half size up. I’m normally a size 9 and got the 9 1/2 and they fit perfectly.



I know it seems so basic, but everyone needs a great t-shirt in their closet. In fact, multiple t-shirts in multiple neutral colors. This t-shirt is hands down my favorite I’ve ever owned and is on sale for under $8. It’s insanely soft, looks great with a pair of jeans, and just fits so well. I don’t like really clingy t-shirts that are tight most of the time. This one just drapes so well and looks great with a long cardigan and a pair of jeans. I have it in a medium because I like my t-shirts to be a bit looser, but I could also have worn the small.


What are the items you consider a necessity for a fall wardrobe? Have a favorite item in this roundup? Let me know in the comments or follow along on Instagram!