Ouai rose hair + body oil

Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil


I’m all about products that can make my life easier, especially when it comes to my Summer beauty routine. Any product that I can use in multiple ways to either pack less for a trip or to have more room in my cabinets gets an A+ in my book. One of my favorite additions to my beauty routine? The Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil. Similar to the original Ouai Hair Oil, but a little bit more rich. You can’t go wrong with either, however, I love the new formula because of its many uses. Continue reading for my five uses for the hair and body oil.



If you looked at my hair, what you may not know is that I get my hair done about twice a year. I know, *gasp,* so bad, but despite what you see on the ‘Gram, my hair routine is fairly low maintenance. While I do curl my hair pretty frequently, I almost always let my hair air-dry. The one thing I don’t like about air-drying my hair? I always feel like it’s missing that smooth sheen that blow drying your hair gives. The best way I’ve found to combat this is by using a hair oil. I like using Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil. I use a tiny bit after combing out my damp hair, and then after letting hair air-dry and styling, I’ll take a dime size amount (about half of a pump max) and apply to my ends. Instant smoothness, shine, and moisture, plus it reduces the look of split ends.


I’m totally a sunscreen girl now and apply every couple hours when I’m at the beach, but there’s always those couple areas we have that we want to get golden brown. For me, that’s my legs. As soon as I get to the beach, I start by applying sunscreen everywhere. After a few hours, I’ll apply sunscreen again or apply a bit of tanning oil. I usually try to use one that has a bit of SPF, but if you’re trying to cut down on the amount you’re bringing to the beach, the Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil is so versatile. I like bringing it to the beach because I can use on my body and hair (and bring less products to the beach). That being said, I will only have this on for a very small amount of time before adding sunscreen back into the mix (30 minutes tops). Note: Never use tanning oil on your face. You should be using sunscreen!!! Trust me, you don’t want the sun damage. At the very least, it leads to sun damage which includes dark spots / sun spots, and also wrinkles (eeeeek).


In addition to using this on the ends of your hair, you can also use as a hair mask. If you have thick hair like me, it will take you a lot of pumps to get enough for it to be a hair mask. For me it was around 15 pumps. The good news is that there’s a ton of product in the bottle so I didn’t feel like I was wasting it whatsoever. For best results, apply a warm towel over your head and let sit for 15 minutes. You could also put a shower cap on and blow dry over the top of it for just a couple minutes to get the oil heat activated. If you’re lazy like me, you can do none of these things and just keep your hair up in a bun, however, just know that this will be more effective when it’s activated with a little bit of heat. After rinsing out as best as you can, shampoo your hair (I had to shampoo it twice), and follow with conditioner as normal.


I don’t know what it is, but I literally hate applying lotion to my body. I think it’s the sticky, cold feeling it can tend to give off. If you hate applying lotion like I do, a nice compromise is using a body oil. To me, it goes on much smoother and feels less sticky. I like the Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil because for one, it smells great, but it also absorbs quickly and doesn’t feel greasy on the skin. I like to apply before bed so that in the morning I wake up to plump, moisturized skin.


Are any of you guys as obsessed with Olivia Culpo as I am?! Ultimate girl crush. Anyways, I follow her on Instagram and she’s constantly traveling. I think she’s the queen of doing her makeup in the car or on the fly and having it look flawless, as if she spent hours doing it. She posted about using the Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil on her eyelids as a dewy, glossy makeup look. I’ve been hooked with the idea of trying it ever since.

Do you use hair and body oils in your beauty routine? Which ones are your favorites?