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One of my favorite parts of spring is of course the warming temperatures, seeing beautiful flowers in bloom, wearing lighter layers, and ALSO, the chance to clean out my makeup bag. I’ve shared this before, but I tend to keep things much more low maintenance in the spring and summer. I let my hair air dry more, I wear less makeup, and I take it as a chance to start fresh as the season changes. Today I’m sharing five easy swaps to get your makeup bag (or wherever you keep your makeup) spring-ready, including spring makeup and spring skincare.


get your makeup bag ready for spring

Ditch the Foundation

Spring beauty is all about fresh, dewy, glowing skin. By piling on thick foundations, you can’t always achieve that fresh, bright look. It can often look cakey. Opt for a tinted moisturizer or BB cream instead (I’m currently using this one). If you’re someone who’s self conscious about your imperfections (trust me, I’ve been there), at least let your skin breathe a little bit on the weekend. I try to go much lighter on the makeup on the weekends, or at least for most of the day when I’m just hanging around my apartment in my robe (lol). If you don’t feel like buying a tinted moisturizer or a bb cream, I sometimes just add a pump of foundation to my moisturizer, and boom; tinted moisturizer! It also helps you to use less foundation. If you like a more matte look but want a compromise between foundation and tinted moisturizer, Bare Minerals’ foundation has surprisingly good coverage for a powder and is one of the most natural skin-like looking foundations I’ve ever used. I tend to only use it when I want a lighter, matte coverage. I’ve been using this tinted moisturizer which I love because the texture’s amazing and it looks gorgeous on the skin. However, I wish that they offered more shades… It is a bit too yellow for me, but still looks pretty darn good. This CC cream is next on my list to try which is supposed to be AMAZING and offers more shades.


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Marc Jacobs Beauty coconut gel highlighter


Less Powder, More Highlighter

I haven’t been much of a loose powder girl since high school, but that’s mostly because I prefer a dewy makeup look. Sometimes I think loose powder isn’t so flattering because it can often settle into fine lines and pores, and be a bit unflattering. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I very, very rarely use loose powder, and instead, use this highlighting powder palette from Hourglass which is seriously the most amazing highlighting palette I’ve ever used. What’s a bit annoying is that the shades sold in the palette are not available for purchase separately (I definitely have my favorite shade in this palette), but when you consider the fact that you’re getting three, the price isn’t as hard to handle… plus it lasts forever. I’m on my second palette in three years since I started using it. I apply the middle shade all over my face with a brush after putting on foundation or tinted moisturizer. It literally gives your skin a “lit from within” glow that I have never been able to achieve with any other product. It’s so good that when Geoff and I first started dating, a friend commented on a Facebook photo of us and told me I was glowing… I wanted to tell her it was my highlighter, but I didn’t have the heart to ;-). If you’re more of a liquid highlighter type of person, this highlighter from Marc Jacobs Beauty is so good. It’s a universally flattering shade, and you only need the tiniest bit. I also like mixing it with foundation if it’s date night and I want to look extra glow-y or bronzed!


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Opt for Eye Opening Shadows Instead of Eyeliner

I have a love/hate relationship with eyeliner. I’ll be honest in the fact that I haven’t completely perfected the process of applying eyeliner. I often feel like eyeliner looks a bit strange on me, or maybe just too harsh. Perhaps it’s my light coloring, where I’m putting it, or maybe I just really suck at putting on eye liner. Tips anyone? Because of this, I often use eye shadows instead. When I think of spring beauty, I think easy, effortless, light, and then run out the door! I like using a dark eye shadow as an eyeliner, because to me it looks less harsh with my fair skin and light eyes. I’ve been using “blackout” from the Naked 2 palette as my eye shadow that I wear as an eyeliner.


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Add Blush to Your Makeup Routine

Whether or not you’re a fan of blush or not, you have to agree that it does make your face look a bit brighter, refreshed, and awake. I’ve been guilty of wearing too much in the past… Thank you cheerleading.  I think what’s key is finding a shade that works with your skin tone, and this could change throughout the year as your skin becomes more tan in the summer or more fair in the winter. I like to keep it to a peachy shade for my skin tone. If you’re feeling scared, pop into Sephora and ask someone who’s working if they could help you find a shade for your skin tone. I love Nars blush, Estee Lauder (since that’s what my mom always used and I would sneak it), and Makeup Forever has a really nice cream blush that you only need the tiniest bit of (applying with fingers is easiest with a cream blush in my opinion because it warms up in your hands). I’ve been using this one lately which is a drugstore blush and I’ve actually been liking it pretty well.


Spring and summer beauty must haves


Swap Your Moisturizer

In the winter I load my skin up with heavier moisturizers and facial oils. Luckily, depending on where you live, you shouldn’t need to pile on as much moisturizer in the spring and summer months. I’ve been obsessing over gel moisturizers for the past couple years. They soak into the skin for really great hydration, but don’t leave a greasy film, meaning your skin is hydrated, but your makeup won’t look greasy. I love this one that’s a great drugstore find that I’ve been super happy with, and if you want one that’s a bit better, I love this one that I use every morning and night. The Peter Thomas Roth one provides just a bit longer lasting hydration, and feels nicer on the skin (like butter) in my opinion. If you want to read more about it, you can read my blog post here.


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What are your spring makeup bag must haves?! Comment below and share the love 🙂