Here it is again! The much anticipated Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! As many of you already know, early access to the Nordstrom sale starts today (July 14th) for Nordstrom card holders and runs through July 21st. For those who don’t have a Nordstrom card, it begins July 22nd (or you can go here to sign up for a card and gain early access). I signed up for a Nordstrom card about a year ago, and I must say that I do find it worth it. For those worried about adding another credit card to your wallet, just make sure to set limits on yourself. Racking up tons of credit card debt is never a cute look! You get points for every purchase, and there are instances throughout the year where you have the ability to earn triple points on purchases. After earning a certain amount of points, you gain “Nordstrom notes” which are essentially Nordstrom gift cards. If you’re a person who regularly shops at Nordstrom, you can see how it would be worth it to earn points on things you buy anyway. There is both a credit card and a debit card option, however I chose the credit card.

Below, I’ve linked some of my favorite items from the Nordstrom sale. So many of these items are perfect for stocking up for fall. You might as well stock up now, because when the sale’s over, these items will go back up to full price, and who likes paying full price?! Confession: I almost NEVER buy things full price anymore. There are so many sales happening, that you can almost always find the item you want (or something close to it) on sale.

Most of the items I linked are fall staples, which are some of my favorite type of items. These types of items are things you will wear over and over, and are much less likely to go out of style, unlike trendy items. I’m completely obsessed with this sweater which is a pretty great deal considering it’s cashmere, these booties which are so similar to a much more expensive designer pair I was obsessed with last fall, and these over the knee boots which look really similar to Stuart Weitzman’s designer boots, and look similar to a pair I wore in this post. Happy shopping! 🙂

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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