Sharing my new favorite jeans that I’m obsessed with today on the blog. Perfect for a casual work outfit, wearing on the weekend, or just about anywhere! I love me a great pair of versatile jeans and these fit SO well!

My New Favorite Jeans I'm Obsessed With

My New Favorite Jeans I'm Obsessed With


I hope you guys had a great weekend and you’re having a good wee!! Yesterday in Boston we had 65 degree weather, today was 70 degrees, and oh my gosh has it been glorious! It’s crazy to me just how much the weather plays a part in your daily mood (or at least mine). I made myself take a break around lunch time and went out for a walk and everyone looked so happy! It was amazing. Too bad tomorrow it’s going to snow! Nope, not joking. Also, I feel like I haven’t talked to you guys in a while so I thought I should give you a life update or at least what I’ve been up to lately!

I went home over the weekend and stayed at one of my absolute favorite hotels – 250 Main Hotel that I did a post on here last year. You can also see a couple of my Instagrams from over the weekend here and here. Geoff surprised me with a stay for a Valentine’s Day present which was amazing! It’s a luxury boutique hotel and every single room is different. There’s art everywhere that I’m pretty sure you can buy if your heart so desires to! But seriously, everything about this place is amazing. The staff are so friendly, they have a wine and beer social every night (complimentary drink!), a lobby that you’ll want to hang out in for hours (with lots of fun games), the beds are clouds, and the views you guys! So, so great. If you couldn’t tell, I could go on for hours. If you’re local to Maine or New England, or if you’re hoping to visit, you absolutely have to make a stay here part of your itinerary! Tell them I sent you 🙂 !

We had planned to go up sort of last minute because one of my younger brothers (he’s 16) had a big high school basketball game for the Maine high school basketball tournament going on right now, so we went up to support him! Also, another update… this is a big one and one I’m so excited about – My family (well ok, my parents) are getting a PUPPY! It was a complete surprise to me. I just found out about it over the weekend when I went home and she will be flying into Boston from Seattle (I think) on Thursday (tomorrow)! Our family dog passed away extremely unexpectedly at the end of September… just one day before I was going home, so it’s been sad and rough dealing with life without her. Don’t you guys feel like pets are part of the family? But anyways, my parents finally feel ready, so it will be exciting! Anyone have name suggestions for a female dog?! Leave me a comment! I would love to hear your suggestions 🙂 ! But now, onto the outfit!


Virtue Labs: The Haircare Line That's About to Blow Up

In the past couple months, I’ve tried a haircare line (spoiler alert: Virtue Labs) that’s TOO good to not share with you guys. And I have this gut feeling like it’s going to majorly blow up in the next year!   When I first started my new job a few months ago, my coworker told […]

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neutral layers in Boston's Downtown Crossing

The henley top I haven’t stopped wearing is perfect for wearing around the house and is super cozy for winter! Henley Top || Long Cardigan (Calvin Klein from T.J. Maxx but have this one + love it too) || Jeans, last year’s style from Urban Outfitters (almost identical here) || Booties || Handbag (under $50!) […]

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why I'm happy about the things that didn't work out and you should be too

Long Sleeve Top (wearing a medium) // Long Duster Sweater (Calvin Klein at T.J. Maxx but similar here that I also have + love) || Jeans (sold out BDG from Urban Outfitters but similar here || Handbag || Booties (fit true to size) || Photography: Rachel Leiner Photography


Ohhh, life. It has a way of making us feel happy, excited, joyous, and yet sometimes, sad, defeated, and hopeless. I told you guys here that lately, I’ve been doing a ton of reflecting. I think part of it is me getting older and another is the fact that I have an hour commute each way to work so I do a lot of thinking! If you guys are anything like me then you know that sometimes that’s a good thing, and sometimes that’s a bad thing! Overthinking a situation is never good in my experience lol. Anyways, I’ve been thinking a lot about the things that don’t work out how we planned them to or the way we wanted them to.

So you might be thinking, things not working out how you wanted them to is a GOOD thing? Not to fear, I will explain. First I will start by saying that I’m not an overly religious person. I do have faith and go to church a couple times a year, however, I don’t consider myself religious. I do enjoy going to church and went as a child, however, it hasn’t become a habit in my adult life. One of my deep beliefs is that God (or whoever you believe in as a higher being) has much greater aspirations for us than we even think are possible. Sometimes we might think something is perfect for us, but God says… Nope. You can do better. I can do better for you. So whatever it is doesn’t work out. To us it comes across as a failure, disappointment, and can often bring deep sadness. When you start to accept things “not working out,” you can then start to realize that it’s not a complete failure. It’s life bringing something better into your life.

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