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how to make alphabet donuts

Name something better than a doughnut on a Saturday morning… You can’t! Okay, unless it’s paired with a coffee. Because almost everything’s better with a coffee. Ya feel me?!

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always had a love affair with doughnuts. When I was a child (before we knew how bad sugar and all of these things are for us) my parents would treat us to Dunkin Donuts almost every Saturday morning (oopsies). Then when I was in high school, the Dunkin Donuts was conveniently on the way to school, and if you were one of the cool kids, you had Dunkin Donuts in your first class. I hated coffee back then (who am I) so I would get a Coolatta or a hot chocolate that probably had 60 grams of sugar (but who’s counting), paired with a doughnut and would tell myself I was cool… Despite drinking COOLattas, I wasn’t cool… LOL couldn’t resist.

Many of my ideas for blog posts come to me completely on a whim, either when I’m in the shower or falling asleep at night. I recently came up with the idea to make these doughnuts for a holiday party. They would also be great for a birthday, or literally any type of party you can think of, because everyone likes doughnuts. It’s a nice way to switch it up from candy, cookies, and cake, while still getting that sweet tooth fix. Plus, when you bring these to party, people will either 1. Say, “Oh my gosh, where did you get these?!” or 2. Say, “I can’t believe you made these!!!” Two reactions that automatically makes it seem like you slaved away for hours over these (they aren’t hard to make). Just make sure you make the dough a day ahead so that it chills in the refrigerator overnight.


In my younger years of middle school, high school, and even college, I found myself skipping breakfast constantly, and if I did “indulge” in a little breakfast, it would be something like a piece of toast with a pat lot of butter. Luckily, I’m mostly behind those days (and hopefully you are too), but I […]

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If you guys know me at all, then you know my life goes something like this: *Sees commercial for Dairy Queen* *Immediately needs Dairy Queen*, *Sees Facebook post of friend eating nachos* *Immediately starts craving nachos*, *Sees Snapchat of Kendall Jenner eating poptarts* *Thinks about poptarts, craves poptarts.* (yes, according to Snapchat, which is a […]

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If you couldn’t tell from the name of my blog, weekend brunch is one of my favorite things in this entire world. It gives you a chance to slow down, be present, and for me is often a time to reflect about the week, a time to catch up with a significant other or friends […]

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