VII Code under eye anti-aging treatment

As silly as it sounds, I swear I woke up one day, at age 25, with fine lines under my eyes. It terrified me, like to the point where I thought I was sick or something was wrong with me. I asked myself if I was dehydrated. I over-analyzed a bunch of scenariosΒ in my head about what I possibly could have done (lol). Then I asked Geoff, “does it look bad around my eyes?” *Insert crying laughing emoji* It’s funny to laugh about now because I was a bit delusional… Obviously your skin aging doesn’t happen completely overnight, but sometimes it feels like it does once you notice it for the first time. Other than being maybe a bit too rough on my eye area while taking off my eye makeup, there was nothing out of the ordinary that had happened… It’s just this fun thing called aging. This is the first situation I can remember where I realized that I’m in fact aging and can’t be 21 forever. It might seem silly for me to be worrying about something like this at age 27, but I did and I sometimes continue to…I’ll admit it lol. The worst part of all is that you take your non-fine line face for granted. I never even thought about the fact that I didn’t have fine lines when I was younger… you only start thinking about them once you have them!


My essentials for making it to the gym

When it comes to making it to the gym consistently, planning and preparation are key. I love to do everything the night before, whether it’s making a lunch for work or packing my gym bag. Otherwise, in my experience, it doesn’t happen, or I spend the next morning stressed out at 6 AM. Trust me […]

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Looking for a bronzed glow that's good for your skin, is organic, without a hint of orange in sight? Blush Tan has you covered.

Looking for a bronzed glow that’s good for your skin, is organic, without a hint of orange in sight? Blush Tan has you covered. As silly as it might seem, there’s something about a great tan that makes you feel like a new person.Your eyes look brighter, everything looks more toned, and your overall confidence […]

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Around Christmastime, I had the chance to receive a Glossybox in the mail, and to review it for you guys. For those of you who may be familiar with Birchbox, Glossybox is very similar. You can pay about $20 a month (price depends on your commitment) to receive five luxury beauty products straight to your […]

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