When the weather gets cold, it often feels like we’re wearing the same things over and over again. Boots, coats, and sweaters. One of my favorite ways to amp up my winter style is through accessories. A warm scarf, hat, and mittens can go a long way, and typically don’t cost you much. This pom pom beanie from Pink Pineapple Shop is so warm and is currently on sale!

     The cutest pom pom beanie


A weekend at the 250 Main Hotel in Rockland, Maine

About eighty miles northeast of Portland, Maine, through the scenic, coastal views of Rt. 1, and beyond the numerous lobster shacks and the miles, upon miles of pine forest that makeup the Midcoast region, lies the town of Rockland, Maine. A quintessential fishing town and the lobster capital of the world woven together with one […]

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Sharing some of the funniest Valentine's Day cards.

Book: Urban Outfitters Sending and receiving cards is one of my favorite things since moving out of state from family and many of my friends. The amount of effort it takes is so small, but trust me when I say that they always give the receiver a smile. Also, if you’re the sender, it just […]

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Valentine's Day gift ideas for your bff/galentine

Whether you love Valentine’s Day or it’s your least favorite day of the year, either way, it’s a pretty good excuse to wear your sexiest pink underwear and eat chocolate for breakfast. Extra points if you’re eating chocolate in bed in your pink underwear on Valentine’s Day morning. Totally my style, and you’re #goals status. […]

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Looking for a bronzed glow that's good for your skin, is organic, without a hint of orange in sight? Blush Tan has you covered.

Looking for a bronzed glow that’s good for your skin, is organic, without a hint of orange in sight? Blush Tan has you covered. As silly as it might seem, there’s something about a great tan that makes you feel like a new person.Your eyes look brighter, everything looks more toned, and your overall confidence […]

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