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You know what they say – with great hair comes great responsibility. Just kidding, I don’t actually know anyone who says that. While having great hair sometimes seems like a list of never ending things to do on the daily, the truth is, my hair routine is actually quite simple.

I’ve been a blonde my entire life. I actually think my hair color has become part of my identity. I can’t even imagine sporting any other hair color than I have my entire life. As a young child I had bright white, blonde hair that was completely natural. Both of my parents were natural blondes. My dad used to joke about how when he was a kid, his hair was so blonde that in the summer when he would be sweating in the heat, the inside of a baseball cap would actually tint his hair whatever color was on the inside. True story. When I was young, I remember going into pools in the summer that were very chlorinated, and it would often leave me with a bluish green tint to my hair. Ohhh, the joys of having blonde hair. Since my hair isn’t quite as blonde anymore, I don’t usually have to deal with these things. But I do have a major tip about how I keep my hair blonde that you need to know! Keep reading to find out. πŸ™‚


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  I wanted to try a new Friday series for things I’m loving right now. The reality of #BlogLife is that there’s a ton of things I love that don’t always make the blog, my Instagram, or any of my other social media channels, whether that’s a restaurant, a beauty product, or a new place […]

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VII Code under eye anti-aging treatment

As silly as it sounds, I swear I woke up one day, at age 25, with fine lines under my eyes. It terrified me, like to the point where I thought I was sick or something was wrong with me. I asked myself if I was dehydrated. I over-analyzed a bunch of scenariosΒ in my head […]

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